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This learning/teaching/training activity was planned and organized as a course designed for a total of 4 students and 2 teachers from each guest partner and took place in Zaragoza, Spain, in the school of the host partner. The course offered a practical approach, with indoor and outdoor activities, non-formal and informal strategies to find efficient solutions for water management, and to disseminate them throughout Europe. For this approach, students and teachers conducted experiments and research in laboratory, they worked within environmental organizations, worked in various workshops. The programme of the course was made by the Spanish partner helped by the Bulgarian partner.


The Programme of the Course can be seen by clicking here


    Meeting and visiting the school

    Workshops in school

    Outdoor activities

    Photo rally in Zaragoza

    Field application - Monasterio de Piedra

Travel diaries:

   Romanian travel diary

   Bulgarian travel diary

   Czech travel diary

   French travel diary

   Greek travel diary

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