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The learning/teaching/training activity was planned as a course and was designed to stimulate and challenge the students to study observed reality through non-formal and informal methods. The course took place in Brno, Czech Rep., in the school of the Czech partner, and each partner participated with 4 students and 2 teachers. During the 5 days the participants worked together in various debates and workshops about understanding the role of water in all aspects of contemporary life. The programme of the course was made by the Czech partner helped by the French partner.

You can see the programme of the course by clicking here


     Opening Ceremony

                   Romanian team_my country_my city_my school

                    Bulgarian team_my country_my city_my school

                    Spain team_my country_my city_my school


       Bubble show

       Water over gold

       Warm-up with water

     Water an important factor in shaping natural wonders-Moravian Karst and its importance for tourism

     Water power and energy

     Water show-Photo workshop-"The fountain in Brno"


Travel diaries:

     Romanian students_travel diary

     French  students_travel diary

     Spain students_travel diary

     Bulgarian students_travel diary

     Greek students_travel diary





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