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The fifth chapter of the book is designed to be a way of integrating the project results "Water and Its Magical Power", in the educational systems of the partners' countries in the project. Because the incompatibility of the education systems in partner countries do not enables a unique chapter for all participants, we decided that each partner to realize its own chapter in its own language.


Romanian chapter


Bulgarian chapter


French chapter


Czech chapter


Greek chapter


Spanish chapter



This book represents the final product of the Erasmus+ Partnership "Water and Its Magical Power", being the result of the work done by the joint teams of students and teachers from the six partner schools, during the two years of observation activities, researching activities, practical applications, information processing, learning / teaching / training activities, cultural exchanges and artistic activities. Water was chosen as the theme of the project and as the central theme of the book due to the importance of this resource for all natural, social and economic aspects and processes on our planet since ancient times to the present day.

This book helps those wishing to become familiar with aspects of water resources around the globe, and represents at the same time an important teaching material for all the teachers eager to make their students realize the importance of protecting this vital resource.

Taking into account the complexity of the information about the role of water throughout human history, the huge importance of water in the modern society in which we live and the issues generated by the report available / use, we considered that it would be relevant and effective to structure the book into the following chapters:

Chapter I ? ?The Role of Water in the History of Humanity?;

Chapter II ? ?The Role of Water Nowadays?;

Chapter III ? ?The Water Problems in Europe Today?;

Chapter IV ? ?Identifying Solutions to Solve the Water Problems?.

Also, the book has a fifth chapter, one which is a curriculum, where the first four chapters are used in a course entitled "The Problems of Water Today".                                    

The structure above is logical, easy to understand and follow, and the fact that the book was written in the English language gives it a high degree of accessibility and practical applicability, representing an important and useful teaching material for all teachers eager to make their students aware of the need to protect this vital resource.

We are convinced that the results of our work, materialized in the making of this book, will be of great help to all those who believe in a better future for humanity, who want to live in a world without pollution, a healthy world, a world without concerns at least about the world?s freshwater supplies

You can read the book by clicking here

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